Could I just just just take parental leave if my partner unemployed?

Could I just just just take parental leave if my partner unemployed?

Hello! We relocated to Sweden, and I also see back at my pages I take 90 days for parental leave if my wife unemployed? 2) How much from my salary I’ll have for parental benefits after 1 year of work that I have 240 days for parental leave1) Can?

1) Yes you are able to, the proper to your parental benefit do perhaps not rely on if both moms and dads are used or otherwise not.

2) The basic guideline is that whenever a kid comes into the world the moms and dads have actually 480 times of parental advantage readily available for the kid. The very first 180 times that moms and dads submit an application for have actually certain conditions.

To start with, those days should be on S-level (sjukpenningniva). The 2nd guideline states that if your moms and dad is required those very very first 180 times on S-level may be given out in line with the present earnings but as long as the moms and dad this is certainly trying to get days past happens to be useful for 8 months prior to the kid was created if that moms and dad’s yearly earnings is at minimum 82 100 SEK.

The moms and dad trying to get parental advantage would must also have the right to a yearly income (SGI) in order to be compensated according to that annual earnings. You have the straight to SGI if they’re useful for at the very least a few months or even the used can be viewed become ongoing for at the least a few months. As an example a individual spent some time working just 4 months however the contract is finalized for six months plus the individual remains used. This kind of situation we could expect that the work will continue therefore the individual could have directly to the SGI.

Following the very first 180 times of parental advantage happens to be usage for the son or daughter, the moms and dads can use for several days on both S or L degree when they need to additionally the condition to be useful for at the very least 8 months ahead of the delivery of youngster with specific minimal earnings is not needed any longer. Continue reading “Could I just just just take parental leave if my partner unemployed?”