What Everyone’s Getting Incorrect About the Ivy League Hookup Community

What Everyone’s Getting Incorrect About the Ivy League Hookup Community

The intercourse lives of college students that are most aren’t all that not the same as those of these moms and dads or grand-parents

This short article is about ladies, sex and college. But I will not focus on a vignette about university coeds setting up in a frat. Or around a late-night booty text. Or around a sad senior, sitting inside her dorm, showing on her behalf past four years and wondering why she would not get the passion for her life, or at the least a stable, if mediocre, boyfriend.

That’s the variety of intro you discover in many tales about university intercourse life — and the ones tales are every-where . Feature stories in mags, multipage spreads in magazines and articles on feminist blogs will have you imagine that, first, just white, right, Ivy League girls are positive singles free trial becoming laid it’s an epidemic because they’re the only ones ever quoted in these articles, and second, these girls have replaced relationships with casual sex … and.

I’m straight, and also have simply finished from an Ivy League college, so these trend pieces are supposedly about me personally. Nevertheless they don’t band true. After per year of reading them, i will be exhausted by the media’s obsession using the “hookup culture.” Why, aside from the apparent reasons, is it subject therefore irresistible? Lisa Wade, an associate at work teacher of sociology at Occidental university who’s got done substantial research about the subject, describes, “The news is chatting we love ethical panic. about any of it because”

Since it ends up, there’s not totally all that much to panic about. In the event that you glance at the data, this Ivy League hookup tradition exists just for a small portion of university young ones. Continue reading “What Everyone’s Getting Incorrect About the Ivy League Hookup Community”