My mexican mother & black colored buddy – Intercourse tales

My mexican mother & black colored buddy – Intercourse tales

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My mexican mother & black colored buddy

Date: 8/13/2015, groups: Interracial Intercourse, Voyeur, Author: AztecMuscle22, Rating: 100, supply: xHamster

Around 9:00 pm my mother stumbled on my space saying she is going to just take a bath if any one of us desired to make use of the restroom before we get in.

Me personally & Chris responded with &#034no its ok&#034 maybe after ten full minutes Chris stated he’ll go get a course of water I said okay go hurry back cause we had been playing online call of responsibility than five minutes pasted he nevertheless ended up beingn’t back therefore I decided to get see what took him way too long I’m walling along the hall prior to going towards the home the toilet is from the remaining side we noticed the restroom door had been a lil opened so we looked in we saw Chris right in front of my mother speaking with her she just had her towel covering her from her titties down she actually is telling Chris &#034get down before we call my son&#034 he responded &#034for the things I’m letting you know your just so sexy Mexicana, do not you need to have black colored dick in you&#034 she replied &#034Ohno I do not like black colored people k**&#034 he looked over her at small shocked than he un zipped their pants & pulled down their cock i can not lie it had been pretty big may 9 or 10 ins & kinda thick. Continue reading “My mexican mother & black colored buddy – Intercourse tales”