With Casino Profits Sky High, Macau Nevertheless Wants to Be A Lot More Like Vegas

With Casino Profits Sky High, Macau Nevertheless Wants to Be A Lot More Like Vegas

With gaming revenues that dazzle, Macau nevertheless wants to emulate the vegas model more

The benchmark for how other gaming destinations wanted to mirror themselves for decades, ‘Las Vegas’ has been synonymous with ‘gambling mecca’ the sine qua non of the casino industry. But in only a few years, Macau the Chinese Special Administrative District that has left every other casino destination in the dust, including las vegas has set a new standard in that regard, and 2013 looks to top the bar even higher yet.

Vegas Masters Non-Gaming Profits

While Las Vegas may nevertheless have a lock on non-gaming profits with the world’s most lucrative nightclubs, insanely high-end shopping and premium restaurants Macau is now the hands-down champion into the pure gaming revenue department, global. And also as 2013 draws to a near-close, Macau’s gaming numbers look to once again catapult above not just all competitors including Las Vegas, but additionally above its own year that is previous economic influx.

In fact, by simply the end of November, 2012’s numbers are already being left within the dirt. With November’s $3.8 billion gross consumption in the Chinese enclave, included with what Macau gamblers earned for the 10 months prior, the gaming destination is already at $40.9 billion for year-to-date, versus 2012’s $38 billion, in accordance with the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau’s rec Continue reading “With Casino Profits Sky High, Macau Nevertheless Wants to Be A Lot More Like Vegas”

Moscow Illegal Gambling Dens are a real rat Race

Moscow Illegal Gambling Dens are a real rat Race

Illegal Russian casinos in Moscow have been roosters that are using even rats for gambling purposes, police say.

It could maybe not be described as a practice that many of us agree with, but the majority folks are familiar with the notion of cockfighting osters that are fighting each other in order to gamble on the outcome. You probably additionally remember dog fighting being in the news (especially when it involved football player Michael Vick). But rats used for gambling purposes? That’s new to us.

Perhaps Not Your Typical Sportsbook

Yet that’s exactly just what authorities in Moscow found when they conducted a raid for an illegal gambling venue in the city. Police announced that during a raid of the bookmaker on Novy Arbat Street carried out month that is last they came across cages containing roosters, rats, as well as insects all of which they believed were used for gambling in the venue.

Police didn’t say which establishment the strange collection of animals came from, though they did report also recovering more traditional equipment, including eight computers that contained information on illegal gambling tasks.

While there was no recognition of the venue targeted in the raid, speculation in the media has fallen on an activity complex known as Korona. Earlier this The Moscow News ran a piece detailing the activities going on at Korona, which is located on Novy Arbat year.

Cockfighting with Balloons

In that repo Continue reading “Moscow Illegal Gambling Dens are a real rat Race”

Ex-Con Taken to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review

Ex-Con Taken to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review

These Massachusetts Minutemen of this Revolution didn’t face a tougher battle than Wynn’s Everett Casino seems to against the Gaming Commission

Maybe they need to create A tv soap opera called ‘As Massachusetts’ Casinos Get Overturned’; the drama never appears to stop in this East Coast state that is struggling to implement legalized land video gaming, and obstacles that are facing every turn, it seems.

Was an Ex-Con Involved?

The latest episode gets the now infamously persnickety Massachusetts Gaming Commission with a Dec.16 suitability hearing on the dockets for the new feasible Wynn Everett resort, while…wait because of it…a federal grand jury and two state agencies are now actually reportedly looking into whether a Wynn land deal for the same project involved a covert felon who presumably had secret ownership in the former Monsanto chemical plant site being employed for the casino project.

Word is the fact that a former jailbird who did time for both identity theft for his involvement in a brand new York band and for assault with a dangerous weapon could be a ‘secret investor’ in Wynn Everett and might benefit financially if the project achieves Gaming Commission approval. We can simply hear the pillory stockades being lined up now. Stated ex-con is a particular charles Lightbody.

In this never-ending dance to steer clear of the hot coals associated with Mass. Commission’s investiga Continue reading “Ex-Con Taken to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review”

Golden Nugget in New Jersey Cleared for Online Casino License

Golden Nugget in New Jersey Cleared for Online Casino License

Atlantic City’s Golden Nugget happens to be cleared for takeoff for nj’s online casino market

If you are within the Garden State and now haven’t yet been convinced to play the Internet with Caesars, the Borgata, or the Taj Mahal, we have good news: even more options are on the way for New Jersey online gamblers. The Golden Nugget Atlantic City has gained permission from New Jersey state casino regulators to begin offering online gambling this week, ending a hasty trial duration during that your casino had been asked to enhance their software before they’d be permitted usage of the lucrative 9-million-person-plus market.

That permission ended up being given late week that is last enabling the casino to begin offering online casino games as of this weekend.

And Then There Were Seven

Whenever New Jersey’s online gambling market went live final month, six gambling enterprises were immediately cleared to begin offering games. Nevertheless the Golden Nugget had beenn’t itself was happy about among them, as their site and systems were experiencing glitches that neither state regulators nor the casino. During the time, Golden Nugget executives said that the website would not go live they played until they were convinced that their customers would be receiving a first-rate experience when.

And according to Golden Nugget general manager Tom Pohlman, that right time has arrived.

‘ We had beenn’t satisfied with what we had Continue reading “Golden Nugget in New Jersey Cleared for Online Casino License”